Dale Hollow Lake during the day

Daily Morning Yoga Session

Each morning start your day off right and well stretched with a daily Yoga session. Lead by some of Positive Vibe's favorite instructors. Session will begin at 9am. 

Daytime Activities

LakeFest, schedules everything from Flyboarding and Flip-Cup Tournaments to nature hikes and cliff diving… so there’s never a shortage of awesome things to do while on board!!

  1. Flyboarding 
  2. Live music sets
  3. Flip cup/ Beer Pong Tourney 
  4. Cornhole
  5. Cliff Diving 
  6. Volleyball
  7. Jet Skiing 
  8. Nature hikes 
  9. Water sports
  10. Water Slides/rope swings 
  11. Painting/candy making sessions
  12. Party on a Private Island

Sunday Funday Cliff Jumping

On Sunday September 16th after the returning home on Sunday group disembarks at 11am. The remain crew will load up into boats with everything you can grab and adventure to the cliffs. As DJ Dale Hollow provides the music while  you are jump from 20, 30, and 40 foot cliffs splashing into the beautiful clear water of Dale Hollow Lake. 

Feel like a Super Hero

Flyboarding is the most thrilling thing your've yet to experience on the water, or should we say above the water! Wanna feel like a Iron Man or Superman as you elevate up and hover across the water on a Flyboard? It is unlike anything you've ever felt.

Top Flight Flyboarding