Lake Fest at Night

Nighttime Activities

Immerse yourself with #PositiveVibe & let your imagination run wild for our theme nights. Tap into your costume mojo, grab your squad, & dance the night away in style!!

- Thursday……Welcome Party/ Let out your inner animal party. Find your favorite animal print or onesie or giant "panda" head and come ready dance by the bonfire with glow sticks.

- Friday……Captains and Pirate Day, pick a side and gather your crew as we fight over victors of the inland in our epic flip cup games! 

- Saturday...... Lite up the Lake!!! Neon colors, glow in the dark body paint party, glow sticks, and ANYTHING else that lights up and/or flashes neon lights!!!

- Sunday……End the Festival, Lite up the Lake with your glow sticks and neon body paint!

Positive Vibe ONLY!

Respecting the Lake, Others, the Boats, the Staff, and the Artist is one of our main focuses at Lake Fest and Positive Vibe Entertainment, in general. We like to treat everyone as family, whether or not we have known you for years or meeting for the first time. We ask the same in return, as you help create an adult atmosphere, while letting your inner party animal out of it's cage!!!