Respect Dale Hollow Lake

#PositiveVibe towards the BOAT

The “BigFoot” is a beautiful house-boat in prime condition. We intend to keep it that way. From the fully-functioning kitchen, to your cabin & beyond, please respect the boat.

#PositiveVibe towards the ARTIST

LakeFest is a special place where VIP back stage does not exist. You will have full access to your favorite DJ’s & bands- please respect their space, artists are people too.

#PositiveVibe towards our STAFF

LakeFest is amazing because of our staff. Keep in mind…someone has to clean up after the fun, and make sure everything happens as scheduled.- please respect the staff and clean up after yourself, 

so they make the magic happen.

#PositiveVibe towards each OTHER

We are a Family at LakeFest! That’s what makes this event so special. Please be respectful of your neighbors & friends. Remember that everyone is there to have a good time. Be nice, be kind, take care of each other & spread a Positive Vibe. All Guest MUST be 18+

#PositiveVibe towards the LAKE

Guest are only allowed to smoke outdoors aboard the“Big Foot”. (this is a  fire safety issue) Please dispose of cigarettes in ashtrays. Never throw cigarettes into the lake or drown or burn bottles and/or cans at Dale Hollow! Dispose of all trash in the proper receptacle.

A sustainability initiative will be in place to ensure recycling & help reduce our carbon footprint.